Vox not convinced Verrit makes a lot of sense

Monday I wrote about Verrit, the new social media site created by Hillary fan Peter Daou. Today Vox as a surprisingly good take on the site which points out what makes the site so distinctive: “Verrit is explicitly created as a community for supporters of Hillary Clinton the person.” In other words, this is not just about defending establishment Democrats from a horde of marauding Bernie Bros., it’s also about defending Hillary’s honor as the enduring champion for that view. One outside observer put it bluntly:

“‘Clinton dead-enders’ is the crucial phrase for understanding what’s happening here,” said David Karpf, a professor at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. “There’s a set of people who were very interested in fighting Sanders-Clinton during the election, but now — even though politics have changed — are still trying to find a way to make it about Hillary Clinton somehow.”

Author Jeff Stein goes on to point out that Verrit’s confirmation codes don’t make a lot of sense:

It’s worth stopping and thinking the steps a reader would have to go through, in real life, to make this worthwhile. For one, how many readers will really take time to enter a seven-digit verification code onto the Verrit website? Moreover, if readers were concerned about the veracity of a quote, couldn’t they look at any number of existing well-staffed fact-checking operations? Why do readers need an authentication code if they could otherwise simply perform a Google search to track a claim back to the original story?

“These codes are a marketing exploit to claim that’s their new media property is trying solve ‘fake news,’ but it doesn’t do that at all,” said Karpf, the journalism professor at GW. “The use case for this is extremely non-obvious.”

And some of the Verrits (that what individual cards are called) don’t really contain any facts. Stein points our attention to this one:

The quote is indeed something Clinton said, one you can verify yourself with the seven-digit code. But it is in no way a “fact” that America is “once again at a moment of reckoning,” or that Clinton voters are “the Heart and Conscience of America.” Those are, in fact, opinions.

Exactly! Hillary’s opinions are not facts. Peter Daou’s opinions about her opinions (as expressed in that headline) are definitely not facts. So what are we doing here?

The response to Hillary’s latest book suggests a lot of people on the left are tired of her self-serving efforts to claim the limelight. Yesterday Ed noted a former Clinton fundraiser told the Hill, “She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.” The response to Verrit has been similar. An anonymous former official connected to the Democratic Party offered this response to Vox, “Can you anonymously quote a guttural scream?”

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