Something good came out of Samantha Bee's attack on 'Nazi hair'

Something good came out of Samantha Bee’s show this week. Kyle Coddington, who was mocked in a segment about CPAC and described as having “Nazi hair,” has received tens of thousands of dollars to support his treatment for brain cancer.

In case you missed this yesterday, Bee’s show Full Frontal did a segment on CPAC which included images of several attendees who were mocked as having “Nazi hair.” One of those people was cancer patient named Kyle Coddington. Kyle’s friends sent him a screenshot of the broadcast and he passed it along to his family. Kyle’s sister was a bit annoyed by the show calling her brother a Nazi and tweeted about it Thursday morning:

A few hours later, Samantha Bee issued a semi-apology:

It wasn’t much as apologies go for calling someone a Nazi on television, but the show did do something right. It donated $1,000 to Kyle’s GoFundMe page where he was seeking help for treatment of stage 4 glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer he was diagnosed with in December. Kyle’s original fundraising goal was just $2,500 and when I looked at the page midday yesterday he had received around $5,000.

But thanks to that tweet from Kyle’s sister, his story went viral yesterday. Today he appeared on Fox News (video below) where he agreed Bee’s apology was a bit weak but thanked her sincerely for the donation to his GoFundMe page. And that’s the good news here. Since yesterday, Kyle’s GoFunMe page has received donations that are now in excess of $81,000.

Incidentally, Kyle also revealed on Fox News that he’s actually a registered Democrat who is politically moderate. He also said his diagnosis is very serious as there is no cure for the type of brain cancer he has, but he is relying on his faith and trying to stay positive.

There’s no doubt that Samantha Bee and her staff entered Kyle’s life intending to do nothing but mock his appearance and thereby insinuate CPAC had been overrun by Nazis. But the result of Bee’s attack has been pretty positive. A chain of people starting with Kyle’s friends, his mother and sister all reacted to the attack on him and now lots of people now know about Kyle’s situation and many have donated.

And it’s not just money he’s receiving. There are people chiming in on his GoFundMe page who are currently living with glioblastoma or have relatives who are. Some of those messages reference a verse from Genesis 50 which seems pretty appropriate in this situation: “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”

Kyle’s GoFundMe page is here.