Dorothy Woods on Clinton: 'she cannot fundamentally be our commander-in-chief'

Dorothy Woods, the widow of Tyrone Woods who was killed in Benghazi, appeared on the Hugh Hewitt show where she was asked about her feelings about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. After playing a clip from FBI Director Comey’s testimony before congress, Hewitt asked Woods to comment:

HH: So Dorothy Woods, this is indicative of Mrs. Clinton’s truth-telling problem and why people don’t trust her. Do you trust her?

DW: No, I don’t. And I have personal experience with that. You know, when things like this come up that question her integrity, and then you hear about Donald Trump and the things that he says, you know, I think, you know, I feel like everybody, and this is my opinion, gets truly bent out of shape about how Trump says things. But time and time again, we’ve seen that Hillary is a woman who has repeatedly acted in a way that isn’t commander-in-chief like, you know? So I feel like the media forces us to base our decision, base our vote on someone who sounds bad versus someone who has, there’s actual evidence on how someone has acted when the chips were down. And in my case, we know how she acted. She let it go. She, you know, she turned her back. So to me, that’s just, you know, more evidence as a testament to see how she would be as a president.

Woods makes clear in the interview that Hillary did not mention the video during their brief interaction, so she is not blaming Hillary on that account. However, she does have a problem with Clinton telling America to “move on” from Benghazi:

HH: Did you follow the controversy to its conclusion when she announced that it’s time to move on?

DW: I did, and you know, I don’t follow it so closely, because I think that it’s important for me to use her words, to live a life, the life that Ty would want for me, to be a good mother to our son. So I do hear snippets a little bit, and you know, her response to the report when someone had asked her about that, you know, she’s dismissive. It’s characteristic Clinton. It’s characteristic Obama. You know, let’s go ahead and sweep that under the rug. It doesn’t suit what I am, the narrative I’m trying to present about myself. And it’s time to move on. And while I understand she’s talking about the nation as a whole, you know, I can also extrapolate from that and say hey, you’re not telling me to move on. Nobody can tell me to move on. Nobody can tell me how to feel. Nobody can tell me how to think about it. So you know, for someone in that position, I feel like sometimes, she says things so that her words are easily offensive.

Near the close of this interview, Hewitt returned to the question of the election and Woods said Hillary Clinton cannot be our commander-in-chief:

HH: And so in conclusion, Dorothy Woods, you’re a very powerful, very passionate, who do you recommend Americans vote for if their concern is the taking care of the military and of veterans, and especially of Gold Star families?

DW: So I’m not going to tell anyone how to vote, but this is, I want to put it very simply. I realize sometimes that we all have the best intentions, and that we make mistakes. I teach my four year old son to admit when you’re wrong, to say you’re sorry, and how are you going to fix it. To be honest with you, Hugh, if Hillary Clinton had done these three things regarding Benghazi, I wouldn’t be talking to you today. But she is, but Hillary Clinton cannot do what parents all over the country do to teach their kids right versus wrong, so she cannot fundamentally be our commander-in-chief. You know, it’s that simple. It’s that empirical to me. I wouldn’t teach my son, you know, to treat other people like that. And now she wants to be in charge of other people’s sons? No.

Here’s the full interview:

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