Omar Mateen appeared in 2012 documentary on BP oil spill

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen appears briefly in a 2012 documentary on the BP oil spill titled “The Big Fix.” The Associated Press reports the find was confirmed by security company G4S:

Security firm G4S confirmed Wednesday that the guard in the clip is Mateen.

G4S spokeswoman Sarah Booth says Mateen was stationed in Pensacola, Florida, for several months in 2010 to assist with the oil spill cleanup.

In the clip, Mateen is seen wearing his security uniform and standing guard near a beach where workers are cleaning up oil that has washed on shore after the BP oil spill. When the documentary maker pulls up in her car and asks if she can talk to anyone at the site, Mateen replies, “Like, there is people out here but they’re all scattered all over the place.” He continues, “There’s no one really to talk to…any, like, supervisor.”

“No one gives a shit, no one gives a shit here. Like everybody is just out to get paid. They’re, like, hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they’ll have jobs. Cause once people get laid off here it’s going to suck for them. They want more disaster to happen because that’s where their money making is.”

“It’s all about the money, right?” the filmmaker says. “All about the money, exactly” Mateen replies.

Though brief the exchange fits with the negative demeanor described by Mateen’s former co-worker Daniel Gilroy. Gilroy told Fox News‘ Griff Jenkins, “Omar Mateen was a troubled individual, mostly based on rage and hate and frustration. He seemed to not like life.” Gilroy added, “It wasn’t that every now and then he would have an incident. It was his persona. It was his normal conversation.”