Reuters: Clinton up 11 among likely voters

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday shows Hillary Clinton surging to a double-digit lead over Donald Trump among likely voters nationwide. From Reuters:

Some 46 percent of likely voters said they supported Clinton, while 35 percent said they supported Trump, and another 19 percent said they would not support either, according to the survey of 1,421 people conducted between May 30 and June 3.

Trump had briefly tied Clinton in support among likely U.S. voters in mid-May, raising expectations for a tight race between the two likely contenders in November’s presidential election.


Clinton is hoping to seal the nomination next week, when a slew of big states including New Jersey and California will hold primaries, allowing her to consolidate her party’s support ahead of a general election matchup against Trump.

Trump does better in this poll among all voters, though Clinton still leads 39.5 to 31.9 percent.

A graph of Reuter’s 5-day rolling average of likely voters starting at the beginning of May shows it was a close race earlier this month. Clinton seems to have started pulling away over the last 10 days despite the bad news from the State Department IG report last week:

Reuters likely voters

This could be about Trump or it could be the gradual recognition by Sanders’ supporters that they are prepared to back Clinton once Bernie drops out of the race. Next week could be a tough week for Trump to make up lost ground. Whether she wins California or not, Clinton will clinch the nomination on Tuesday. That change in status will generate positive media and could even lead to Sanders beginning to talk about getting out of the race, all of which means Clinton can probably look forward to a boost next week.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022