More video of the anti-Trump riot in San Jose

Larry O’Connor did a roundup of news from the San Jose Trump rally early this morning but since then there have been a number of video reports showing just how bad it was. This wasn’t a protest with a few out of control people, it was a riot.

First up, this report from ABC News is surprisingly good. It opens with reporter Tom Llamas, who was on the scene last night, saying, “This was one of the most violent scene I have ever witnessed…at times it seemed police had no control of the situation.” He added, “People were getting beat up right in front of them. And these were not clashes, these were pure attacks.”

The Associated Press published this raw video showing one developing fist fight and then another angle on the young man in the red shirt. It’s hard to make out but is someone yelling “Kill him!” repeatedly in the background?

RT has video of a man being sucker punched as a woman shouts “get him!” Someone else with a bullhorn is trying to lead a chant of “the people united will never be defeated” as the guy rolls on the ground. A bit later in the evening, people kick over police barriers and chant “F–k that wall!”:

Finally this report has more video of the attacks on cars and a brawl in the middle of the street:

This was not a protest it was a violent riot. The violence was not just aimed at property but at people. All the progressives who were understandably outraged by the roughing up of protesters at Trump events a few months ago ought to acknowledge that San Jose progressives have clearly topped that. This wasn’t a shoving match or one angry nut throwing a punch, this was an entire mob of angry nuts looking for people to terrorize and injure.

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David Strom 8:31 PM on November 29, 2022