Joe Scarborough on Clinton email investigation: 'Rigged, rigged, rigged, rigged'

This clip gets off to a slow start but once it gets going there is a solid 6+ minutes of everyone at the table attacking President Obama’s decision to talk about the Clinton email investigation at a time when the FBI still has dozens of agents still working the case.


The round table gets going with a series of clips of Obama from a Fox News’ Sunday interview with Chris Wallace. When the clips end Scarborough interjects, “Wait, can you guys believe what you’ve just heard?…He said he wasn’t going to talk to the attorney general about the pending investigation but he just did, as he did back in October…”

Asked for his take, Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin says, “That seemed ill advised to say…I’ve got no connection to this but here’s what I know about it and here’s my conclusion.” “I don’t know why he went on at such length defending her because, in theory, he shouldn’t really know the facts of the case,” Halperin adds.

“He has drawn the ultimate conclusion which is: national security was not jeopardized,” Scarborough continues.

“It seems ill-advised to me on two different levels,” Bloomberg’s Joe Heilemann says. “One is that by saying this he’s undermining, if the attorney general decides that there’s no problem, he’s undermining that conclusion by having prejudged it. He’s also, just in a purely political context, he’s also implicitly putting his finger on the scale in terms of Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders,” Heilemann continues.

Scarborough throws the question to former Bush communications director Nicole Wallace who replies, “It certainly felt like someone putting their finger on the scale for someone for whom the investigation has not been wrapped up.”


Scarborough contrasts Obama’s assurance that Clinton has not done anything wrong with the State Department’s acknowledgement that at least 22 emails found on her system would cause grave national security damage if released. “Is the president’s standards that much lower when it comes to America’s national security than his own State Department?” Scarborough asks.

Scarborough wraps up the segment saying, “This is a rigged system because if a reporter had done this that, let’s say–I don’t know, worked for the AP or worked somewhere else and had classified information like this and passed it along through a server that was not secured–that reporter would be in jail.”

“The four words of the day are?” Mika asks. “Rigged, rigged, rigged, rigged,” Scarborough concludes.

Here is the full clip. You can skip to about 2:50 where the discussion of Obama’s misguided defense of Clinton really gets going.

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Jazz Shaw 5:21 PM on September 27, 2023