Woman who vaccinated teen in her home was a teacher

AP Photo/LM Otero

Yesterday we learned of a Long Island woman who was arrested for illegally vaccinating a teenager in her home without the prior consent of the teen’s parents. Making the story even stranger was the fact that the woman, Laura Russo, was not a medical professional of any sort and she was not qualified to perform such a medical procedure. Initially, little was known about either the woman or the student, but now a few more details are emerging. Perhaps the most interesting one is that the woman, who has been charged with a Class E felony, is a teacher at one of the local schools. You might think that such a person would be fired from their job after allegedly demonstrating such irresponsible behavior, but if so, you probably don’t know much about how the teachers’ unions work. Instead, she has simply been “reassigned to other duties.” (NY Post)

The Long Island teacher who was arrested for illegally injecting a 17-year-old boy with a COVID-19 vaccine at her home without the teen’s parental consent has been reassigned from her classroom duties, according to reports.

Laura Russo, 54, who is not a doctor or authorized to administer vaccines, was busted for the New Year’s Eve incident at her Sea Cliff home, according to Nassau County police.

Russo is a science teacher with Herricks Public Schools in New Hyde Park, according to the district’s website. She has been taken out of the classroom as the criminal investigation proceeds.

The school district released a statement saying that Russo had been “removed from the classroom and reassigned.” No further details of what her new assignment might entail were provided. But the district seemed to be attempting to offer her some cover by pointing out that the vaccination “did not take place on school property.”

What difference does that make? If she was sexually assaulting the child in her home would she be allowed to keep her job because the assault didn’t take place at school?

Russo clearly didn’t see anything wrong with what she was doing. In fact, she was apparently comfortable enough to allow herself to be filmed while administering the injection. The video showed up on social media with the victim’s face blurred for privacy reasons.

One of the other questions I posed yesterday has also now allegedly been answered. Why would the teenager be asking for a shot when they are so freely available everywhere you go? It turns out that my initial assumptions were incorrect. The student was a friend of Russo’s son and had come over for a visit. He told them that his mother didn’t want him to get the vaccine so he was looking for another way to get vaccinated and Russo obliged. But that still begs the same question I had yesterday. If he was sneaking off to get vaccinated against his mother’s wishes, why would he immediately go home and tell her about it?

The final fact that emerged with the release of the video was also disturbing. Russo appears to have injected the teen with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That one is only approved for patients age 18 and over, which only compounds the number of errors in her illegal activities. This woman is supposed to be a science teacher. And this is how she behaves in her private life?

While this is only speculation, it’s not hard to imagine that Russo was deeply engaged in the debate over vaccinations and was eager to override the will of the student’s parents who didn’t wish to give their approval for the procedure. If that’s the case, can you imagine what other sorts of indoctrination have been going on in her classroom? And what sort of “science” she’s teaching these children?

Russo is scheduled to be arraigned on January 21st.