Woman arrested for vaccinating teen without parental consent

Woman arrested for vaccinating teen without parental consent
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Of all the stories we’ve covered dealing with the national vaccination drive over the past year or so, this one may prove to be among the strangest. Despite there being an almost unlimited number of places for residents of New York State to get free COVID vaccinations if they want one, a woman on Long Island has been arrested for injecting the vaccine into a minor in her own home without the consent of the boy’s parents. That would be a strange enough story to begin with, but it gets even more bizarre. The 54-year-old woman isn’t even a licensed medical professional and is not qualified to perform such a procedure. It’s also unclear if the boy even wanted an injection in the first place. (NY Post)

A Long Island woman was arrested for illegally injecting a 17-year-old boy with a COVID-19 vaccine at her home without the teen’s parental consent, police said Saturday.

Laura Russo, 54, who is not a doctor or authorized to administer vaccines, was busted for the New Year’s Eve incident at her Sea Cliff residence, according to Nassau County police.

The authorities were notified after the teen left Russo’s home and told his mother about the jab, according to cops.

The linked report is short on details, partially because the identity of the victim can’t be revealed due to his age. But the entire story is still just so strange. How did the boy wind up in this woman’s apartment and end up in a position where he was receiving a vaccine? It doesn’t sound like a case where he was seeking out a vaccination against his parent’s wishes because he immediately went home and told his mother what happened. Also, despite the best efforts of many Democrats in the state legislature to change the laws, it’s still illegal to perform any sort of medical procedure on a minor without the consent of a parent or guardian, so Ms. Russo is likely in hot water.

Thus far, Russo has only been charged with Unauthorized Practice of a Profession. This is a type of “catch-all” law found in the state’s education codes. It’s not restricted to just medical work and can be applied to anyone performing any type of practice requiring a state license or certification when not holding such a license. It’s a class E felony and the penalty for a first offense can result in up to 4 years in prison or probation and fines.

That revelation about Russo brings us to the other mystery surrounding this story. She’s not a licensed medical practitioner, so how did she get hold of a vial of the vaccine? For that matter, how did she manage to obtain a syringe? As a resident of New York myself, I can tell you that the state regulates the possession and/or transfer of medical syringes tightly. (Unless you’re a drug addict showing up at one of the new “safe injection sites” in the Big Apple, where they give them away like candy.)

Russo lives on Long Island. The city has been pushing vaccinations so hard that it’s almost a certainty that the boy’s parents could have driven him less than two miles in any direction and found a place to be vaccinated. Unless, of course, the parents weren’t giving their consent, as I mentioned above. But if that’s the case and the boy was trying to get a jab on the sly, why did he go home and immediately rat out Russo?

These vaccine mandates and all of the constant fearmongering blasting out of the mainstream media have created a huge amount of confusion and uncertainty all over the country. If we ever learn the full story of how Russo wound up injecting a youth in her own home, I’m willing to bet that those factors played into the situation somehow.

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