The face of transgender child abuse

If you happened to catch last Wednesday night’s edition of NBC Nightly News, you may have seen the profile they did of 9-year-old Jacob Lemay. So what is it about a child of that tender age that would merit a chunk of NBC’s prime news space? Jacob wasn’t always Jacob, you see. And “he” was born a she. Yes, Jacob is a transgender child.


Now, given how many of these tragic stories we hear about and the way the mainstream media loves to fawn over them, this probably wouldn’t have been all that surprising. But this story comes with a couple of decided twists that make it worth our time to bring up. When you find out how and when her “transition” process began, you’ll understand how this is probably a disaster in the making that would be considered child abuse in any sane society. (Newsbusters)

NBC’s primetime slot featured trans boy Jacob Lemay for the second time since his transition from a biological female. Bear in mind, NBC actually reported that Jacob started transitioning when “he” was only two years old. The network reported it straight as if it was some beautiful fact of life and a lesson for the rest of us.

Lord help us.

NBC journalist Kate Snow sat down with Jacob in his home to discuss his life as a trans kid. Her report started with the LGBTQ propaganda immediately. She described Jacob as a “typical fourth grader in every way but one,” and asked him directly about his decision to switch genders. “What does being transgender mean to you?”

“It’s not how you act or what you wear or anything like that. It’s just how you really are inside,” he said. Ah, yes, America, adjust your values accordingly. Jacob added, “You just feel like you got put in the wrong body.”

There’s no question that Jacob has all the standard trans agenda talking points down pat. How and where she learned all of that is left up to the viewer to decide, but you can probably guess. But that’s not the truly alarming part. As mentioned in the excerpt above and repeated throughout the interview, Jacob’s parents insist that this process began when their child was two years old. Yes, you read that correctly. A 2-year-old little girl supposedly began insisting that she was a boy and informing her parents of this.


I’m sorry (not really), but give me a break. At the age of two, the vast majority of children don’t even have a fully formed concept of gender beyond some words separating the brothers from the sisters. That’s barely old enough for preschool, so it wasn’t coming from any sort of peer pressure. And it’s long, long before any sort of sexual development questions begin to arise.

In short, that came from the mother, the father, or both. But why might we suspect that one of them had some sort of an agenda? Oh… I suppose it could be because mom has some books to sell. And the book is on the subject of (I’m sure you couldn’t have possibly guessed already) transgender transitioning. Or maybe they just really wanted a son. You’d have to ask them.

But even that’s not the end of the bad news. The NBC reporter informs us that little Jacob “has decided” to take a hormone blocker to stop puberty. So you’re now telling us that a nine-year-old is somehow competent enough to make that sort of decision? And clearly the parents have found a doctor willing to go along with this madness. So not only has the child been confused about her gender since she was a toddler, now drugs are going to be pumped into her to prevent the natural onset of puberty.

As far as I’m concerned, everyone can do with their own body as they wish as adults, providing you’re willing to accept responsibility and live with the consequences. But we’re talking about children here. Small children who know nothing of the world around them except what their parents teach them. And this is simply a tragedy.


As I mentioned above, as these cases come to light they need to be brought to the public’s attention until such time as we can (hopefully) get some sort of judicial intervention. This should be considered child abuse and dealt with accordingly. And the doctor prescribing this medication doesn’t need to just have their license taken away. They should be in jail. But without some sort of court taking charge of the situation, there may be nobody who can rescue this kid. It’s enough to make you want to scream.

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