Poll: Climate change isn't a priority with voters

This survey from Morning Consult comes out at a particularly apt time. We’ve just finished the “climate strike” where students and teachers walked out in protest of a lack of action by the government to combat global warming. There was a big meeting at the UN on the subject. A teenage girl has been scolding the leaders of the free world and the cable news networks have been eating it up. The 2020 Democratic hopefuls were up in arms because there wasn’t a separate debate dealing only with that subject.

So is this what’s really on the minds of voters as we rumble our way into the next election? According to this recent survey… not so much. (Free Beacon)

Climate change is not a top priority for a majority of likely voters, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

A survey conducted by the nonprofit American Council for Capital Formation along with Morning Consult showed the top five priorities among likely 2020 voters are (in order, with percentages): the economy (19), health care (16), national security (8), gun policy (8), and seniors’ issues (8).

After those issues, climate change was tied with immigration at 7 percent.

A slight majority of respondents also said they had no opinion, or had not heard, of the Green New Deal, the sweeping climate plan originally proposed by freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) in February and championed by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

This almost gets boringly repetitive after a while. What we’re seeing here is yet another example of the Democratic leadership and nearly all of their 2020 hopefuls listening to a very loud, but decidedly small wing of their party. In this case, it’s the fringe groups pushing for climate change policy that will bankrupt us while doing nothing about the biggest polluters in the world. This is happening on any number of policy points as the candidates push each other further and further to the left.

Seeing climate change come in sixth place in terms of priorities shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. People remain concerned about a possible future downturn in the economy, so that’s their number one issue. Healthcare remains near the top of the list, as does national security. Immigration has dropped down a bit, possibly because people see the issue being addressed now.

But if you dig into the crosstabs of this poll, you see other places where Democrats seem to be tone-deaf to the public’s priorities. Respondents were asked what their top consideration was when purchasing energy, be it electricity, gas for their cars or anything else. 67% said either affordability, efficiency or reliability. Only one in five (20%) listed “environmental friendliness” as their top priority.

In another question, 27% said they either strongly or somewhat support the Green New Deal. More than half either didn’t know about it or had no opinion. In other words, they’re not exactly firing up the base here. When asked how much more money they would be willing to pay per month to combat climate change, 73% said either zero, one or five dollars. Less than 10% were willing to consider anything above fifty dollars.

This survey paints a fairly clear picture. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they are basing all of their hopes in 2020 on schemes that the American public largely rejects when they learn more about them. But hey… you go with that plan, guys. I’m sure it will work out fine in the end.