Booker: Stop "fearmongering" over what we clearly said would happen

Booker: Stop "fearmongering" over what we clearly said would happen

Cory Booker is fed up with all this fearmongering from his fellow Democrats. Some of them are in a panic over Beto O’Rourke’s claim during the last debate that the government was going to “take your AR-15.” He decided to air this complaint during an interview on CNN Friday. (National Review)

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker on Friday criticized what he called “fear-mongering” about police showing up to confiscate legally owned assault-style weapons such as the AR-15 rifle.

“I hate when Democrats use the language that Republicans try to use to scare people away as opposed to the sort of pragmatism and practicality of this,” the New Jersey senator said during an interview with CNN. “We’ve seen around this world, countries that have said enough of these assault rifles. They dealt with the problem that got them off of their streets. These weapons should not be in this country.”

Booker said he supports the policy proposed by fellow presidential contender Beto O’Rouke, who made headlines during Thursday evening’s Democratic debate for pledging, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

This becomes even more humorous when you consider that Booker is already on record as supporting O’Rourke’s proposal of having a mandatory “buyback” program. Just as a reminder for the senator, you can’t “buy back” something you didn’t sell. Also, if it’s mandatory, then it’s not a buyback. It’s gun confiscation.

But since Beto tossed out the idea and Booker supports it, the definition of “fearmongering” is apparently repeating something that you yourself said. Let’s think for a moment about what such a program would look like and how it would work. You issue the mandate and anyone who feels inclined to obey goes and turns in their AR-15 and collects the money. But what about the “come and get it” crowd?

If they don’t show up, somebody will have to go collect the firearms from them. Who will be assigned to do that job? Will President Booker or President O’Rourke be personally going around the country and knocking on doors to seize the weapons? Doubtful. Each jurisdiction would have to send out the police or the sheriffs to do it. And do you honestly think they’re going to show up unarmed to attempt to seize weapons from an obstinate owner?

In other words, armed police officers will be showing up at people’s doors to take their guns. That’s not “fearmongering.” It’s a description of what would have to happen.

And if you don’t think the Democrats are serious about this, I would suggest you browse through an editorial from National Review. Yes, they are coming for your guns.

O’Rourke’s plan has been endorsed in full by Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, and is now insinuating its way into the manifestos of gun-control groups nationwide. Presumably, this was O’Rourke’s intention. But he — and his party — would do well to remember that there is a vast gap between the one-upmanship and playacting that is de rigueur during primary season, and the harsh reality on the ground.

Prohibition has never been well received in America, and guns have proven no exception to that rule. In New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, attempts at the confiscation of “high capacity” magazines and the registration of “assault weapons” have both fallen embarrassingly flat — to the point that the police have simply refused to aid enforcement or to prosecute the dissenters.

Should the Democrats actually bring this fever swamp dream to fruition, they will face a harsh dose of reality. There is very little appetite for confiscating legally purchased firearms from law-abiding citizens, even among the police and sheriffs who would be charged with enforcing the law. And in certain parts of the country, owners would likely become more than just “reluctant” to comply. Do the Democratic hopefuls really want another Ruby Ridge on their hands? I doubt it.

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