Oscars to Polanski: Go away

Maybe it’s just me, but if you were a convicted child predator and rapist who had been on the run for decades with a warrant hanging over your head, but were still somehow not in jail, it seems like you might keep a low profile. You know… sort of not draw attention to yourself and just be thankful that you aren’t breaking big rocks into little ones in another country. Not so with child rapist Roman Polanski. He’s a bit miffed that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars) finally got around to kicking him out of their esteemed ranks last year and has had his attorneys fighting in court to get him back in.

This week they received yet another answer and it wasn’t much different from the last few. No. Go away, Roman. Come back when you’re not a fugitive. (TMZ)

Roman Polanski can’t use the courts to sneak back into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences … at least according to Academy’s lawyers.

In its response to Polanski’s lawsuit — claiming the Oscar org booted him without proper notice — the Academy says the disgraced director has no right to use the very same legal system he’s been evading since 1978…

In the docs, the Academy says Polanski’s lawsuit — in which he also demands re-entry to the group — should be tossed. The Academy also says it did everything by the book when it expelled him.

I suppose we have to give credit to the Academy for at least doing the right thing. (Though it certainly took them long enough to get around to it.) Polanski responded through his attorney, saying that the decision to expel him in the first place was “a total sham.”

Seriously? After what you did, you seriously have the audacity to feel that you deserve to be a member of that gilded Hollywood clubhouse? I know we hear the word “entitlement” being bandied about on a regular basis by social justice warriors, but this has to be just about the most entitle individual drawing breath on the planet.

What’s even more amazing is that the Academy actually felt compelled to respond to his outburst and justify their decision to expel him and how it was handled. (Fox News)

“The Academy’s own Bylaws make clear that the Board enjoys broad discretion to expel members for cause and do all other acts necessary or expedient for the administration of the affairs and attainment of the Academy’s mission and purposes,” the Academy’s lawyers wrote. “Moreover, the board has discretion to determine the procedure for a hearing or investigation.”

The real crime here has nothing to do with whether or not Polanski is ever allowed back into the Academy. It’s the fact that he’s been breathing free air for decades while living an opulent and celebrated lifestyle in Europe. Even if we got hold of him tomorrow and threw him in Gitmo for the rest of his natural days, that still wouldn’t be anything close to actual justice for this piece of human filth. And the way things are going, he’ll never wind up doing another day behind bars. And that’s a crime.

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