Ohio moves to protect parents who refuse to "transition their transgender children"

The Washington Times highlights a brewing legislative battle in Ohio which is only one of many which may wind up defining the rights of parents and the need to protect so-called “transgender children” in the years to come. This follows a case last month where a judge removed a teenager from his home and assigned custody to his grandparents who were willing to support the “transition” of the child. A new bill under consideration would prevent courts from accusing parents of “abuse” and removing their children from the family home if the parents refuse to allow children suffering from gender dysphoria (or those who are simply confused) to undergo hormone therapy or other medical procedures aimed at “changing” their gender.

Ohio activists and lawmakers are looking for a legislative solution to ensure parents will not lose custody of gender-dysphoric children for refusing to facilitate their transitions to the opposite sex.

The effort comes as schools, medical institutions and courts have taken steps to undermine the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children. A Hamilton County, Ohio, judge removed a transgender child from her parents last month because the parents refused to consent to hormone therapies recommended by the child’s doctors.

In response to that decision, Aaron Baer, president of the Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values, said state Rep. Tom Brinkman, a Republican, will introduce legislation that would ensure the state “cannot take into consideration the denial of hormone therapy as a reason for the removal a child.”

The case from February was a rather marginal one since the youth in question was seventeen and could have begun these dubious “treatments” in a matter of months anyway. But in other cases which have cropped up around the country, all manner of experiments have been done on children as young as eight, including not only hormone therapy but chemical treatments designed to prevent the normal onset of puberty. Most of these procedures, particularly when applied to vulnerable, prepubescent children, look far more like something taken straight from The Island of Dr. Moreau than any sane, positive medical practice.

In some ways, it’s rather sad that the first step would have to be protecting parents from the government when they are simply seeking to do what’s best for their child and protect them from a medical profession which, in some cases, has fallen victim to political correctness taken to a dangerous, absurd extreme. The default situation in any family court setting should be to honor the wishes of the parents provided they aren’t endangering their children. But as we saw in Ohio, the courts will, in some instances, do the opposite, moving the children into danger instead of away from it.

As I’ve stated in the past repeatedly, when a person reaches the age of adulthood we expect them to take responsibility for their own actions, including what they choose to do to their bodies. But there’s a clear need for the government to protect children from harm and we’re failing miserably at that task when it comes to all of this transgender madness which has spread across the country. In a more sane world, we wouldn’t need legislation to protect the parents in Ohio, but rather a bill allowing the prosecution of monsters in the medical profession who allow children to be subjected to these sorts of experiments.