Baltimore teachers threaten to walk out if any of them are armed

Yesterday we had students walking out of school all over the country to protest gun violence. Now, in Baltimore and some other cities, there may be a different type of walkout. Teachers are objecting to the idea of any of them being trained and armed, so much so that if there are any armed teachers in the school they will walk out as well. (CBS Baltimore)

As President Donald Trump recommends that some teachers should carry guns in schools, local teachers’ unions are criticizing the proposal.

Teachers are prepared to take drastic action across the state, nearly a month after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The Baltimore City Teachers Union aren’t the only ones expressing concern. Across the county, some teachers say they will walk off the job if teachers are allowed to carry guns in schools…

The Baltimore City Teachers Union says “guns should not be in our classrooms, period.”

Some of the quotes in this report are truly remarkable. The head of one of the teachers’ unions said, “Our teachers did not sign up to be armed guards in school and most teachers do not want to go anywhere near having guns.”

Here’s a couple of hot tips for you. First of all, nobody is suggesting that teachers who don’t want to be involved with firearms should be forced to carry and receive training. It’s voluntary for those who wish to help safeguard the children in the event of an active shooter episode. One might imagine that if a crazy person with a weapon shows up in the school, the next person with a gun you’d like to see would be a friendly face with adequate training who is also armed and prepared to save you. But hey.. you do you, I suppose.

Also, some of Baltimore’s teachers are saying they don’t want to be anywhere near a gun. That might be an understandable sentiment, but… have you looked outside? You’re in Baltimore. There were more than 340 murders in your city last year and God only knows how many non-fatal shootings. If you don’t want to be “near a gun” you need to move.

Until something can be done to finally resolve the gang violence and murder problems in Baltimore, guns in your neighborhood – all too often unregistered and in the wrong hands – are a fact of life. Since it can’t be avoided, wouldn’t you at least prefer a fighting chance at survival by having some armed folks on your side who might be able to respond?

Or you could just walk out on the students I suppose. I’m sure that will help them.