The Confederate Battle Flag is back... sort of

In 2015, after a prolonged battle in the courts and the national media, the Confederate Battle Flag was lowered for the last time at a monument on state property in Columbia, South Carolina. At the time it was hailed as a glorious victory for the SJW and a very sad day for many southerners. Now, less than two years later a different version of the flag is back up again, but at a different location. (US News & World Report)

The Confederate battle flag is going back up at a monument in a northwestern South Carolina town.

Luther Lyle had maintained the memorial in Walhalla for years and had replaced the Confederate flag with a South Carolina flag in 2015, about the time the Confederate flag was taken down from the Statehouse following the Charleston church shootings.

Lyle said there was only one complaint then. The South Carolina Secessionist Party complained recently that the removal violated a state law that requires legislative approval to change monuments.

So, once again, this is not at the state capital. The flag is located at the Walhalla Confederate Memorial which is on privately owned property. And thanks to a recent agreement, the memorial is now under the care of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Anyone care to place bets on whether or not this will silence the critics? Despite this being a totally different set of circumstances than the ones cited by opponents in Columbia, it’s not hard to imagine the aggrieved protesters showing up and demanding that this flag be torn down also.

Back during the original brouhaha, when they tore down the flag (and even the flagpole) on state grounds in Columbia, I wrote at length about the futility of this gesture and how the flag means a lot to many southerners, having nothing to do with racism. Not a thing has changed since that time, except the occupant of the White House and perhaps a bit more confrontational attitude among some of his supporter in the region. Will that make a difference? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, here’s an old classic to pass your time while reading through the material at the links. I’m sure you all know it by now.

Turn it up.