Even more instances of voter fraud which I'm assured does not exist

The Republicans are simply awful for suggesting that monitors should be on the lookout for voter fraud and the rigging of elections. It’s clearly aimed at destroying the nation by shaking the population’s confidence in the electoral system. The Founders must be turning over in their graves, or so I am assured by supporters of Hillary Clinton who don’t want people peering too deeply into voter ID laws.

Of course, the reality is that voter fraud happens and every once in a while we actually catch someone doing it. The Daily Signal provides a quick look at four of the most recent entries in this rogue’s gallery, all of which take place in little towns just like the one you may live in. (These are just the highlights. Full details on each at the link.)


Ruth Robinson, the former mayor of Martin, Kentucky, was sentenced to 90 months’ imprisonment on a variety of charges that included vote buying, identity theft, and fraud…


Guadalupe Rivera and Graciela Sanchez illegally “assisted” absentee voters in Rivera’s 2013 re-election bid for city commissioner. Rivera won the election by 16 votes, but the result was invalidated after a judge determined that 30 absentee ballots had been submitted illegally…


Erin Venessa Leeper registered and voted in a 2015 school board election. As a convicted felon, however, she was ineligible to do so, and pleaded guilty to perjury last May. She was ordered to pay a $750 fine, plus $240 in court costs, and was sentenced to a suspended five-year prison term and two years of probation…


Robert Monroe pleaded no contest to 13 counts of voter fraud, making him the worst duplicate voter in state history, according to Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf…

All of these have been added into Heritage’s voter fraud database along with other instances which already number in the hundreds. Few are as interesting (and as yet largely unsolved) as the CBS investigation in the greater Los Angeles area earlier this year which found that hundreds – if not thousands – of people have continued to vote in one election after another, years after they shuffled off this mortal coil.

But as I mentioned above, these are just the cases where we managed to either catch somebody or rouse the media from their usual slumber on the subject to do some actual investigative journalism. As I explained nearly four years ago, the actual amount of voter fraud is not only unknown, but in all likelihood is vastly larger than even the most skeptical would guess. We don’t even know what the murder rates are in our major cities and we actually have people out there investigating killings on a 24/7 basis. Pretty much nobody is investigating voter fraud and there is plenty of incentive to engage in it.