Marilyn Mosby under scrutiny over further Freddie Gray trials

Yesterday we talked about the latest failure in the attempts by Maryland State’s Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to prosecute the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray case. Having gone zero for four in these efforts, questions were immediately raised about whether or not they should move forward with the remaining trials of officers who were even less directly involved with the suspect. By this morning, the calls were coming from both local and national media to put this suffering campaign out of its misery.


Dan Rodricks of the Baltimore Sun penned an eloquent column on the subject in the wake of the verdict, calling on Mosby to simply move on. And it’s also a reminder that this entire effort seems to have been predicated upon something other than the pursuit of justice.

Mosby might have wanted to calm the crowds in the spring of 2015 by charging the Freddie Gray Six. Or maybe she wanted to put cops on notice that she’s willing to charge them criminally when, in her judgment, they go too far and break the law.

You can argue the relative value and ethics of those motivations — how public safety might have been served, whether the state’s attorney gets to bring a case because it might quell civil unrest. But you can’t argue that the Freddie Gray cases were worthy of prosecution.

Not anymore.

There was a rush in May of last year that should have made citizens uncomfortable — a rush by Mosby to bring charges, and a rush by police defenders to say she had no business doing so, that it was all a show by an inexperienced prosecutor to score political points.

Now, more than a year later, with four trials ending in one hung jury and three acquittals, with a respected judge consistently giving the state failing grades, it is time for Mosby to declare her mission accomplished — angry crowds quelled, cops put on notice — and move on to trials that matter, with real, provable criminality and sound convictions that make Baltimore a safer city.


So has this swayed Mosby’s decision? The indications thus far are that it has not. Unless there is some shocking announcement pending from her office, the State’s Attorney seems poised to continue ramming her head against the same wall. (AT&T Live News)

Despite 3rd acquittal, Baltimore prosecutors push on

Even though it was the judge’s third consecutive acquittal in the case, prosecutors seem to be willing to try the remaining three cases amid mounting pressure to call it quits…

Rice’s acquittal is the fourth consecutive blow to the state’s case, but the next officer remains scheduled to stand trial next week. Prosecutors have given no indication that they plan to change course.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys are barred from commenting due to a gag order.

The Mayor has already abandoned any plans to run for another term. Mosby’s future looks bleak at best. Why keep hammering away on a lost and widely discredited cause? If the city’s leadership can’t be persuaded to put actual interests of justice ahead of the priorities of the Social Justice Warriors, perhaps it’s time to hasten the departure of some of those who are proving to be a running embarrassment to Baltimore.



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