Video: What is Ed Rendell's problem with women in government?

We recently discussed Ed Rendell’s rather, er… blunt comments about Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and her lack of qualifications to be the Vice President. He seemed to be channeling some of the thoughts coming from her Montana colleague, Jon Tester, who previously pondered whether or not America was “ready” for two women on the ticket. Well, Rendell is a reliable gaffe machine when it comes to the fairer sex and he was back at it again this week. With Hillary Clinton teaming up with Warren on the campaign trail in what Democrats are optimistically referring to as the Dynamic Duo, Rendell was asked to weigh in on the pairing yet again. Speaking with Kristen Welker on MSNBC, Rendell was damning Warren with faint praise as he opined that of course it’s going to bother some folks to have two women on the ticket. (America Rising, emphasis from source)

It certainly drove home the point that Elizabeth Warren can excite crowds. There’s no question about it, and excite progressives. Some of the Sanders camp, I heard during the campaign, were a little annoyed at Senator Warren because she didn’t endorse Bernie Sanders. But still, she didn’t endorse Hillary Clinton either. She stayed neutral, which I think was the proper stance for her to take under those circumstances, so she does have that as a significant plus. The drawbacks, obviously, are two women on the ticket. Does it make a difference? I don’t think so, but some people might. Does Elizabeth Warren have the experience to be commander in chief?

In case you think this one is a bit too good to be true, let’s go to the video.

Let’s keep in mind that Rendell is a fixture in Pennsylvania Democratic politics. He’s also a Clinton superdelegate, not to mention being a strong supporter of keeping the superdelegate system in place so that the party can be advised by “wiser heads” with more experience. His time in office may be done, but he’s still a mover and shaker in the Keystone State for the Democrats.

Now consider the volatile nature of the polling so far this year. Barack Obama managed to play Lucy with the Football yet again in Pennsylvania for both of his runs, keeping the state in the hands of the Democrats, but this summer Trump is definitely keeping the state in play and is leading in the key swing counties. If Hillary Clinton is seriously considering putting Warren on the ticket with her, somebody needs to get a leash on Rendell because he’s doing a better job of torpedoing that dynamic duo than Mr. Freeze, the Joker and the Penguin combined could ever manage.

But underneath all of that, what is it with Rendell and the ladies? Warren is out there talking up Clinton constantly and bashing Trump for his supposed misogyny, and meanwhile Big Ed is going on cable news on a weekly basis and reinforcing the idea that two women on the ticket will put the voters off their feed. Remind me who’s organizing this War on Women again?