Smart power: Pentagon ordered to take action on climate change

Clearly human driven climate change and anthropogenic global warming can not be defeated through political action alone. A challenge this monumental will call for more strident measures. With that in mind, the Obama administration has apparently decided to bring in the big guns… literally. The Pentagon has been ordered to “address climate change.” (Free Beacon)


A new directive issued by Pentagon leaders mandates that the agency work to “assess and manage risks associated with the impacts of climate change,” according to a copy of the Jan. 14 directive issued by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work.

As the Obama administration focuses on a larger effort to push its climate change agenda, the Pentagon will now “address the impacts of climate change.” This includes engaging in “deliberate preparation, close cooperation, and coordinated planning” to “improve climate preparedness and resilience,” according to the directive.

The partnership will include state governments and the private sector.

I’m not even sure what this is supposed to mean. Are we attacking polar bears with drones? The directive goes on to state that the Department of Defense must adapt current and future operations to address the impacts of climate change in order to maintain an effective and efficient U.S. military. Is there some sort of pamphlet or handbook that goes along with this, possibly providing specific instructions? They’re being told to prepare for altered operating environments related to climate change. I suppose the Navy would like to know if any of the channels will be deeper or if any coastal bases are underwater, but beyond that I’m drawing a blank.

Or perhaps they’re supposed to be doing more to lessen their impact on climate change. That might be it. But you may recall that we already experimented with navy vessels running on biofuels to reduce our carbon footprint. The result was that the ships cost a massive amount more to operate without any noticeable benefit. They wouldn’t try something like that again, would they?


Oh, I guess they would. (US News & World Report)

The Navy is launching a carrier strike group to be powered partly by biofuel, calling it a milestone toward easing the military’s reliance on foreign oil.

The maritime branch is touting the warships as the centerpiece of its “Great Green Fleet.” Most of the group’s ships will be run for now on a mix of 90 percent petroleum and only 10 percent biofuels, though that could change in the future. The Navy originally aimed for a 50-50 ratio.

On Wednesday, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stood on a pier at the North Island naval base in San Diego Bay where the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Stennis and the guided-missile destroyer USS Stockdale were preparing for a seven-month deployment. The Stockdale will be the first Navy ship to regularly run on alternative fuel.

You can go ahead and vote me off the island now, thanks. I think I’m done playing.


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