It's on like Donkey Kong. California launches ballot initiative to ensure "bathroom privacy"

You probably recall the Battle of Houston, which we covered here at length, where the city council passed an ordinance requiring public businesses to allow “transgender” individuals to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex if they wished. That measure was repealed when the public was given a chance to object, much to the dismay of the SJW. Now a new fight is brewing in California where a ballot initiative has been brought up to preemptively block any such activities and mandate privacy in public bathrooms, showers and locker rooms in government facilities. This, of course, has the SJW contingent setting their hair on fire already. (LA Times)

A group that tried unsuccessfully to repeal California’s transgender students rights act now has proposed a ballot measure to restrict the restrooms that transgender people can use.

Called the Personal Privacy Protection Act, it would require people to “use facilities in accordance with their biological sex” in government-owned buildings, including public schools and universities. It would not apply to single-occupancy restrooms or to family restrooms.

The proposal would allow people who felt their privacy had been violated by a transgender person who entered the restroom unlawfully to sue that individual or the government entity for a minimum of $4,000. It also would allow people who chose not to enter a bathroom or locker room facility because a transgender person was inside to file suit.

You can tell from the tone of the article where the LA Times reporter comes down on the subject. Note the use of the phrase, “restrict the restrooms that transgender people can use.” You can expect plenty more of the same across the print and cable news media as this effort moves forward. Of course, California is a very different type of terrain than Texas so they’ll have their work cut out for them.

You can read the full text of the submission to the State Attorney General (who is running for Senate next year) here in pdf form. It reads, in part:

In order to preserve fundamental interests in privacy, maintain public safety, and establish continued uniformity in building codes, the People of the State of California do enact the Personal Privacy Protection Act and do hereby add section 118501 to the Health and Safety Code as follows:

This Act shall be known as the Personal Privacy Protection Act.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person shall use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government buildings.

It’s a sign of precisely how absurd our modern times have become that we even have to have a public discussion – to say nothing of legislation – which includes the phrase “biological sex.” Your gender is your gender as I’ve discussed here many times. All the wishing in the world (and really all the hormones and surgery as well) isn’t going to change it. But that’s really never been the issue. If you’re a man who wants to call himself a woman or a girl who wants to say she’s a boy, feel free! But your right to be a free, outspoken special snowflake does not mean that the rights of everyone else are going to be immediately sacrificed for your comfort. That particularly goes for their right to privacy.

This proactive legislation, assuming they manage to get it on the ballot and approved, takes all the right steps. And much like Prop 8, it will no doubt be challenged in the courts. As I’ve written here previously, that’s exactly what we need. A challenge to this proposition may conceivably make it all the way to the Supreme Court and we can have an answer on the mystery of the 23rd chromosomal pair once and for all. The Democrats are the party who oppose science in this case, but we need to find out if our courts have similarly moved into a realm of fantasy.