Sanders: Say... that Hillary sure sounds like a Republican, doesn't she?

Bernie Sanders is tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s damn emails… at least when he’s on the same stage with her and has to look her in the eye. At other times he’s happy to have the media doing his dirty work for him. The same goes for Clinton’s tax plan, it seems. Sanders doesn’t tend to go after her very hard when he’s standing at the next podium, but he’ll talk all sorts of trash about her ideas to a reporter. That was the case this week when one of his spokespersons delivered the lowest, dirtiest insult in the Democrats’ arsenal, implying that Hillary’s ideas are reminiscent of the GOP. (Washington Post)

A senior aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday characterized Hillary Clinton’s latest tax plans as “tentative half-steps that sound Republican-lite,” escalating the sparring between the Democratic presidential campaigns over their respective commitments to helping the middle class.

“Given the disappearing middle class and massive income wealth inequality in America today, we clearly have to go a lot further than what Secretary Clinton proposes,” Sanders’s communications director, Michael Briggs, said in a statement issued Sunday night as Sanders campaigned here.

The statement came in response to a pair of initiatives put forward by Clinton on Sunday that would benefit people who care for an elderly parent or other family member.

The proposals put forth by Clinton clearly won’t pass muster with the socialist… they don’t spend nearly enough money. Hillary is, in the view of the far left of her base, just nibbling around the edges of the real problem. She’s talking about a tax credit to cover some out-of-pocket expenses for workers who are caring for a senior citizen parent and adjusting their retirement payments if they take time off to provide such care. That’s simply not socialist enough!

Bernie’s plans are far different. He’s still pushing for a full blown, single-payer, “Medicare for all” scheme, even though the cost would run in the trillions of dollars. (Bernie has no idea how we’re going to pay for that, but you really need to stop pestering him with such minor details.) He’s also got a mandatory family leave plan for private sector workers and just about every other big government giveaway program you can name. At this point he’s starting to seem a little desperate because the Democrat base is supposed to be eating this stuff up. I can’t really blame him, though. If this was ever going to be an actual competitive race, that ship seems to have sailed. Sanders has faded into distant second place and for better or worse the Democrats appear to have hitched their wagon to Clinton.

There was a time when I thought Bernie Sanders would be the ideal candidate because he was so much more beatable than the former Secretary of State. These days? I’m not so sure