Cory Booker is all in on the Iran deal

There’s an old song which refers to “when the dam breaks.” You never know who will jump on for the ride, and in the case of the Iran deal the next Johnny Come Lately is New Jersey Senator Corey Booker. After sitting on the fence for the longest time and waiting for others to do the dirty work, brave Corey came out in favor of the Obama / Kerry Iran compromise after it was too late to do anything about it.

Democratic U.S. Senator Cory Booker said on Thursday he would vote in favor of the nuclear agreement with Iran, calling the pact between world powers and Tehran “the better of two flawed options.”

Booker, who issued a statement explaining his position, brings to 35 the list of senators supporting the deal. All of them are President Barack Obama’s fellow Democrats or independents who typically vote with them.

Obama won a foreign policy victory on Wednesday when Senator Barbara Mikulski became the 34th senator to back the nuclear deal. Thirty-four votes in the Senate guarantees that Congress cannot override Obama’s veto of any resolution of disapproval against the agreement.

This could be described as the charge of the faint of heart brigade. The Democrats have been sitting on the sideline on the Iran deal through most of the ordeal. The ones in the solidly blue states which don’t have a large Jewish population were the first to jump ship. But as the number of supporters approached the threshold of being able to override a presidential veto the crows began to fly off the fence. That’s a questionable tactic in the best of times considering that the majority of Americans oppose the deal by a vast margin. But ever since Barack Obama secured that last critical vote from Mikulski the flood gates are opening.

You can almost understand Booker’s reasoning here. He’s got a sizable Jewish constituency aligned against this in his home state but the fact is that they’re not likely to vote for a Republican to replace him in the current climate, nor will he see a serious primary challenge when he’s already got his eyes on a future presidential bid. If the deal had gone down badly Booker wouldn’t have wanted to be caught on the bad side of history, but now that it’s going to sail through the veto process he has to take a side. And the side he’s chosen is the one that will own the situation in Iran for years to come.

Way to be brave, Senator Booker. Let everyone else do the dirty work and then jump on the bandwagon after the blood has been spilled. Of course, given your penchant for political advancement, hopefully you realize that this vote is going to follow you for the rest of your career.