Politinerds: Carly Fiorina


On this week’s edition of Politinerds, Doug and I spend about half an hour with former HP CEO and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. As with most of our guests we dig into Carly’s history a bit, finding out about her frequent moves while growing up, living in Texas, North Carolina, England, and Ghana. Why didn’t she become a lawyer? (“I hated it.”) She talks about working her way through college (they were not wealthy) and entering the business world on the bottom rung of the business ladder, eventually moving to the top. We ask her to open up a bit about what exactly happened when she left HP, and then get into the politics. She discusses the shortcomings of the current leadership in Washington and explains why in the heck somebody with her level of success would want to get into the nasty world of politics.

Carly is a great person to interview with some wonderful stories to tell. Enjoy.

(Archive of previous Politinerds shows and interviews.)

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