Video: The solution to the campus sexual assault crisis

Last week we looked at the one possible solution to the problem of sexual assault on America’s college campuses. (Any instance of sexual assault – or assault of any kind – is one too many, but we remain unsure if an ongoing discussion of why you want to engage in various levels of physical contact over the course of a date will be an effective tool.) Other methods of avoidance have have gotten a somewhat cooler reception among feminists, such as developing date rape drug detectors disguised as nail polish. The President himself has proposed new initiatives, but they were greeted with skepticism in some corners. Clearly controversy remains, and a more effective remedy is required. Riding to the rescue is Glenn Instapundit Reynolds. Once again thinking outside the box, he offers up the solution which none of us had previously considered.

Ladies and gentlemen… Reynolds Online University

While it will do no good in terms of attempting to assuage all the hurt feelings and outrage, I feel duty bound to point out that this was humor. Enjoy your evening.

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