Democrat Alex Sink rejects NBC (and Chuck Todd) for debate

Not too long ago, the RNC decided to take a stronger hand in controlling debate formats for the 2016 elections, looking to lessen the weight of the thumb that Democrat sympathizing media moderators regularly put on the scales. It was a smart move, since the legacy of 2008 and 2012 provided more than ample evidence of the need for it. It seems that other politicians are picking up on this trend, including Florida congressional candidate Alex Sink, who has rejected a proposal to have MSNBC’s Chuck Todd moderate a debate between her and David Jolly. Of course, this is a little odd since Sink is a Democrat.

When it came to laying down the ground rules for an upcoming debate in the closely watched Florida congressional special election, Democrat Alex Sink — who seems allergic to the national attention her race is getting — had big demands: No NBC. And no Chuck Todd.

With all eyes trained on the race between Sink and Republican David Jolly, NBC officials recently got in touch with organizers of a Feb. 25 debate. They proposed that Todd, the network’s chief White House correspondent and a Florida native, lead the questioning of the two candidates.

Apparently Sink was afraid of the same unfair treatment that many Republicans receive from moderators. But in her case, the “unfair treatment” she was trying to avoid was having Todd ask her about Obamacare.

As she’s come under fierce assault from Republicans who’ve spent millions of dollars on TV ads casting her as a supporter of President Barack Obama and his unpopular health care law, Sink’s aggressively tried to turn attention to local issues such as the rising cost of flood insurance premiums. Todd, who caters to a national audience, could have thrown a wrench into her strategy by focusing his questions on issues such as Obamacare.

As the Politico article notes, it probably also didn’t help that Todd said she ran one of the worst campaigns of 2010 when she ran for Governor. In any event, it’s kind of refreshing to see the shoe be on the other foot for a change, and find a Democrat battling an MSM moderator. Of course, rather than running from an expectation of gossip and innuendo from the debate honcho, Sink is trying to avoid valid questions.