Not from the Onion - Bob Filner to host benefit for sexual assault victims

Last week we introduced Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego, to those of you who might not have heard from him before. Bob finds himself in a bit of trouble these days, having been accused of “inappropriate” behavior toward women in numbers which were apparently too much for most media keyboards, being described only as “numerous.” In response to this situation, Bob immediately apologized and followed up on that with the somewhat unusual tactic of simply going back to work. I concluded my article with one simple question for Bob:


Are the people of San Diego actually going to let you get away with this?

Some of you in the Hot Air community treated me rather unkindly in response, mocking my apparently naive perception of the world.

Is that a serious question?
OldEnglish on July 13, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Well, as it turns out, you were right.

SAN DIEGO – 10News has learned Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to be the keynote speaker at a benefit for sexual assault victims.

A women veterans group tells 10News the mayor’s camp has just confirmed the appearance. Filner was originally scheduled to attend as an award recipient.

The group has stripped him of the award. Instead, he is set to address the scandal now consuming City Hall.

The woman leading the benefit is Tara Jones, the president of the National Military Women Veterans Association of America.

Okay, let’s see if we’ve got this straight. The guy who already admitted to and apologized for sexually harassing some uncounted legion of women is going to be the keynote speaker at an event for sexual assault victims. I assume Ariel Castro was unavailable, since he’s having a little trouble making bail, but surely Bill Clinton could have taken the gig. (Then again, he does charge quite a bit for appearances.)


And it’s not like the group sponsoring the event hadn’t caught wind of Filner’s “issues” of late. He was originally scheduled to receive an award at this shindig. But in a classic sign of good taste and restraint, they decided to cancel the award and just let him keynote it instead. There really isn’t much to say beyond that which hasn’t already been said on Twitter.


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