If this ‘blackface Snooki’ campaign against Alyssa had been engineered by liberals, we would have pointed out that Snooki is in fact of Chilean descent and the fact she uses spray tan is neither here nor there. We would loudly and repeatedly insist that Alyssa had darkened her skin to play an ethnic minority, regardless of the context. She might have responded, producing very clear intent and context to the sketch, explaining that it was poking fun at the shallowness of reality TV celebrity culture, but that ‘weak explanation’ would be flatly rejected as a selfish and arrogant attempt to save her career. She would be labeled a racist underneath every post on all of her social media accounts. She would receive death threats and abuse. Blogs would be written about her lack of understanding regarding Chilean history and ethnic power struggles. The out-of-context screen grab of her dressed as Snooki would adorn the headings of a thousand articles, all proclaiming her to be literally worse than Hitler…until eventually she caves in into the pressure and releases a tearful apology. She would say that she was sorry for any pain she had caused the indigenous population of Chile and that she understands now that what she did was grossly insensitive. This would also be rejected because if anything, it would PROVE to liberal sensibilities that they were correct to flag up her past problematic attitudes. The liberal mob would petition for her removal from any projects she was currently involved in, and her employers would acquiesce to their demands, because seriously, fuck that hassle.