The bad-faith impeachment

Pelosi and Schiff also decided not to pursue the testimony of some key witnesses. They did not even subpoena former national security adviser John Bolton, perhaps the most important witness of all. Had the House issued a subpoena, Bolton would have a solid case that his conversations with the president were privileged. The issue would have been settled by a court.

Pelosi and Schiff passed. Either they were afraid they would lose in court, or they were afraid that if they won Bolton would not give them the testimony they wanted, or they were in too much of a hurry to let a court case proceed. In any event, there was no push for Bolton testimony.

Instead, Pelosi and Schiff rushed ahead. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee took just days to produce a report based on their brief investigation and then gave members 24 hours to read and assess it. Then it is on to the Judiciary Committee — the normal place to begin an impeachment inquiry — for the drafting of quickie articles of impeachment.