DAVID BROOKS, NEW YORK TIMES: Of Russian interference, he certainly made that case very compellingly. It was a calm performance, but he had his hair on fire about the ongoing nature of Russian interference in the American electoral system.

There was no collusion. And I think the headline on that front is that it makes it much less likely that we move forward with an impeachment process. There’s still people in the House who are sort of angling in that direction.

And there’s been a lot of fantasy that we’d get what they call a deus ex Mueller, a hidden hand to remove Donald Trump. But it’s looking much more likely that’s going to be the work of the election.

And, in retrospect, I’m out here in Colorado with people from all over from the world. And one young man from South Africa said to me, our democracy is 30 years old. Your democracy is really old. And one of the things we have learned from you and in our experience is that when people elect a leader to be president or head of a country, it should be really hard for people in that nation’s capital to take him or her out.