Now, it was unfair for some of these selectees to get stuck on the Salon list; you don’t just live a thing like that down. I know and like some of them, and others I know. Some got listed solely because of their Never Trump bona fides, and Salon’s wuss-skewing audience won’t like much of what they say besides “IMPEACH!” Rick Wilson is super conservative – he just detests Trump. Same with Ben Howe. By the way, always include the hashtag #MAGA in tweets to Tom Nichols because he just loves that.

Others on the list are real conservatives too, just with a Trump-contempt rating from “very” to “hyper,” like Noah Rothman, S.E. Cupp, and Allahpundit. Kat Timpf’s skewed-glasses, quirky conservagal vibe is less political than cultural. The grumbling curmudgeon of the First Amendment Popehat isn’t a conservative at all; I guess liking free speech makes you one these days. Now, I don’t always agree with them, but these and several others don’t deserve this dishonorable honor. They ought to demand their removal because getting validated by Salon is a lot like being photographed hi-fiving Harvey Weinstein.