Better For America, an organization launched on June 14, is going to run an independent candidate for president of the United States. The group, comprised of religious leaders and political operatives, is in the process of selecting that candidate, and its chief strategist Joel Searby has confirmed that three recognizable names have already committed to run if asked. At an off-the-record dinner in New York City on Tuesday night, Better For America laid out its plan and the considerable talent and resources behind it.

If you’re familiar with conservative and Republican politics over the last decade, you’ve heard the term RINO (Republican in Name Only) bandied about quite a bit. The main traffickers of this term have spent the better part of the decade applying the term to “establishment Republicans”—those who are affiliated with politicians like Mitt Romney, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and others who have held traditional leadership roles in the party.

Now many of those who decried the RINO infiltration of the party have decided to stand behind a man who is to the left of Hillary Clinton on health care, who donated more money to Clintons than veterans, who publicly humiliated and bullied the National Rifle Association (NRA) after securing its endorsement, and who lauds the important work done at abortion provider and trafficker in baby organs Planned Parenthood. The rest of the GOP—those to the left, right, and center of the conservative movement—are fighting desperately to save the image and the future of the party many have devoted their lives to building and fortifying.