There is a lot of responsibility to go around for this series of events, but mostly I blame (surprise!) the media and specifically the conservative media. I say this not just because of their silly and transparently ratings-driven Trump mania, but also due to the fact that they have, for many years now, grossly mis-educated their audience about the political realities of modern America.

Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, Sarah Palin, a website named “Breitbart,” and certain elements of Fox News (all of whom have both pushed and ridden the Trump bandwagon for selfish commercial purposes), the conservative base is living under several important delusions which has allowed for “Trumpsanity” to foster and grow.

Most of these are in the realm of what kind of a country we actually live in (uh, hello, after two comfortable Barack Obama victories you can not claim we are majority “conservative” nation!) and how easy it will be for a “real conservative” to beat Hillary Clinton.

Contrary to what the conservative media has been cynically selling its customers, beating Hillary is not going to be simple. I personally think she is a horrible candidate and even I am shocked by how soft her poll numbers are. But it is comical for conservatives to blindly forget the lessons of the last three general elections where the mainstream news media has effectively become an arm of the Democratic Party (many conservatives with whom I speak actually naively think that it is possible for an inexperienced candidate to come out of nowhere to win because, get this, Obama did it!!).