But on the actual merits of the “more hearings” issue–the substance of the process question, if you will–the Republicans are in the right. There are lots of reasons to hold new hearings. Obama’s now in the uncomfortable position of arguing against the goo-goo, pro-transparency, editorial page position for tactical, even cynical reasons. That’s a difficult stand for him to maintain–especially for him. Ed-pages don’t like to advocate cynical ram-it-through tactics, and Obama is sensitive–too sensitive–to ed pages. He likes to present himself as a good-government type.

In short, if Senator Rubio presses his campaign for a “series of several” hearings and a full ventilation of the issues, he’ll probably win it. If he gives up easy–accepting an offer of a single fig-leaf hearing, for example–we’ll know that his demands have just been for show.