“Why would the media make up a story this tragic?”

Neither Kevin, 48, nor Misty, 46, were vaccinated against the coronavirus, Mike Mitchem told The Post. He said the Stafford County couple had regularly taken in online misinformation about the virus and vaccines. “He liked to listen to different memes he would see — or different people saying … covid is not real.”

“I remember him telling me … ‘I ain’t ever going to get it. It ain’t going to happen to me,’ ” Mike Mitchem added…

Since the Mitchems’ deaths have made headlines, Mike Mitchem said, almost a dozen people have reached out to tell him they have been vaccinated because they heard Kevin and Misty’s story. Yet he’s also noticed that others online have called the story “fake news.”

“Why would the media make up a story this tragic?” he said. “I would give anything for it to not be true, just to have my brother back.”

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