The Hunter Biden laptop is real

Let the dam break. The New York tabloid’s reporting, and that of the Daily Mail, which also has the laptop data, is everything journalism aspires to be, based on transparently obtained, contemporaneous documentation, not on somebody’s after-the-fact recollection or spin. Their reporting makes the average Bob Woodward book look like the product of ouija-board reporting.

Mr. Kessler and others use the excuse that the tabloids won’t share the laptop data, as if they should surrender their scoops to their haughtier brethren. But as Mr. Kessler demonstrates, other outlets are perfectly free to follow up by going to sources and asking questions, seeking documents. Watergate would not have unraveled if other papers didn’t follow up, and sometimes correct, the Washington Post’s revelations. Good places to start would be evidence of Mr. Biden’s lending the trappings of the vice presidency to Hunter’s effort to curry favor with Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim and Miguel Alemán Velasco, or of Hunter’s use of his business income to pay his father’s personal phone and home-improvement bills.

Other news outlets are not obliged to adopt the tabloids’ framing. They can interpret the pattern as Washington complexities as usual or as Mr. Biden’s indulgence of a particularly troubled son. But ignoring a story you know to be true in hopes your readers will believe it’s not true is not the job our “newspapers of record” signed up for.