Trump's final insult to his supporters: Pardoning Bannon

In his final insult to his fans, he has decided to pardon the most ignominious former cast member of his entire presidency. Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart News chairman who incinerated the company founder’s legacy by fully committing to his promise that the website would become “the platform for the alt-right,” famously faced time in federal prison for conning Trump supporters out of cash through a fraudulent GoFundMe claiming to fund building the aforementioned wall. Bannon spent his short tenure at the White House driving Trump’s early presidency into the ground with the horrifically executed travel ban executive order and alienating the eventual architect of Trump’s eventual signature foreign policy achievement: Jared Kushner, who crafted the Middle East peace plans that Joe Biden has signaled he will build upon.

And because Trump thinks so little of his supporters, so little of the ordinary folks who actually believed him when he promised a wall, he decided to pardon his common criminal of a friend.

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