Why did this swanky Houston high rise get vaccines before most people?

About 60 residents of the upscale condo complex have been vaccinated, the building’s general manager told The Daily Beast on Thursday—despite not being on Texas’ public vaccine distribution list.

“The state of Texas authorized it,” Montebello general manager Daniel Hancock said. “We’re working with a distributor… it’s a blessing we were able to get it.”…

When asked about reports of the Montebello vaccinating their residents for COVID-19, a spokesperson for the city of Houston’s health department said he wasn’t aware of it.

“All the distributors have to register through the state health department,” the spokesperson, Porfirio Villareal, said. “The apartment complex is not an approved provider. If a site is not approved, not on the list, and receiving shipments of the vaccine, then our recommendation is not to go to that site.”