After years of refusal, Democrats now preach "accept election results"

For the past four years, leftist ­activists and the Democratic Party have tried their best to oust Trump by any means, including hallucinogenic dreams of invoking the 25th Amendment and a totally ­unhinged, baseless and petty ­impeachment push.

They stymied Team Trump’s ­attempts to govern with a hodgepodge of obstructive probes and manufactured scandals. The most prominent of these, the Russia “collusion” hoax, cast a pall over the first two years of the administration and ended up a complete bust. Democrats’ risible impeachment push, based on a brief phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president, was so quickly discredited that it became a total nonissue in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, the media at every turn have sought to portray Trump as a racist, white-supremacist reprobate, notwithstanding the fact he has an Orthodox Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. The media and Democrats repeatedly lied about what Trump did and didn’t say after the 2017 violence in Charlottesville, Va. They routinely lumped together all Trump supporters as a bunch of backwoods yahoos — “deplorables,” to borrow Hillary Clinton’s phrasing — who pine for the days when (actual) systemic ­racism pervaded the nation.