The Kennedy dynasty may be well and truly over

The best reason Joe has for running? He’s in “the fight of my generation.”

Joe has yet to get the memo: His generation doesn’t want him. Just like they didn’t want his great pal Beto O’Rourke, the two of them road tripping with a besotted national media while debating who looked and sounded more Kennedyesque.

The Dems, however, are no longer in thrall. Now we have AOC cutting a campaign ad for Markey, her co-author on the Green New Deal. “When it comes to progressive leadership,” she says, “it’s not your age that counts, it’s the age of your ideas.”

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports Markey. So do party leaders Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney. The Boston Globe endorsed Markey. Among Massachusetts Irish Catholic politicos, that’s like opening the New Testament to find a disclaimer reading: “Not based on actual events.”