If Trump loses, he'll have only his antics to blame

Trump is polarizing in ways not before seen by the country. Those who appreciate his style are entirely devoted to it. On the other hand, those who disagree with his tactics fiercely and actively loathe him. The loyalty of the former will remain, no matter what. It is with the reluctant and undecided crowd that Trump can possibly gain some ground. In order to do so, he must back down from controversy.

The best thing that Trump can do right now is to not add to the vast division plaguing the nation. This requires a change to his often boorish tune. Rather than give in to “owning the Libs” by participating in displays like that of Lafayette Square (and daily tirades on Twitter), he should pleasantly surprise us all by declining his natural impulse to shock in word and deed. Doing so would not only keep from widening the gap between people, but it may strengthen his support. Those uninterested in Biden, who are also looking for assurance of presidential maturity, would be relieved.

The question is, how much would a course correction help an already controversial figure? Furthermore, would the altered behavior even last? Regardless of the answers, the reality is that there is little time left for the Trump campaign team to make up lost ground. Frankly, it’s worth a shot. And not only because it would help his reelection chances, but it is the right thing to do as the leader of an aching nation.