Cuomo takes a bow after his deadly nursing home decision

Even The New York Times briefly halted its hate-Trump coverage to declare that New York became the virus epicenter in part because Cuomo and others “were hampered by their own confused guidance, unheeded warnings, delayed decisions and political ­infighting.”

Cuomo was also spectacularly — and expensively — wrong about the need for tens of thousands of additional ventilators and hospital beds. Trump provided many of both, but most of the ventilators went unused and the Javits Center and the Naval hospital ship USNS Comfort both largely sat empty even as nursing homes burst at the seams with COVID-19 patients.

Now that his daily show is over, perhaps the governor will be honest with himself about what he did wrong. If he is, he should summon the courage to meet with Arlene Mullin, Maria Porteus, Janice Dean, sisters Aida and Haydee Pabey and other New Yorkers who lost loved ones in nursing homes.

He needs to hear their stories, and they deserve honest answers from their governor. We all do.