How our culture gives a free pass to socialism’s hideous downsides

“Fascism is remembered as a crime,” John Hayward correctly points out. “Communism is treated like a mistake.” I’d add that capitalism is judged by its few failures and socialism by its few successes. Sanders will never praise the “literary programs” of any non-tyranny.

Colleges don’t help. Academia is teeming with hard-left apologists. There are plenty of fantastic historians out there, of course, but many of the loudest academics, the ones media often relies on, are either apologists for socialism or socialists themselves.

But forget college. There are few more powerful arguments for school choice than seeing a high-school kid bring home Howard Zinn’s preposterous Marxist history of the United States. I suppose an adventurous young reader could seek out “The Gulag Archipelago,” “Darkness at Noon” or “Animal Farm.” How many do?

Forget high school, even. When Sanders says he wants to institute a universal “free” pre-K, I just picture little boys and girls with red scarfs singing Pete Seeger songs, because I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what he pictures.