How anti-semitism in Britain’s Labour party made me feel Jewish again

I have a friend in the media who puts it thus: “Jeremy Corbyn has made a lot of people who didn’t feel very Jewish, Jewish again.”

Member of Parliament Margaret Hodge agrees. “I remember my dad tried to make me Jewish and failed,” she said recently. “The local rabbi tried to make me Jewish and failed. It took the leader of the Labour Party to do that.”

Being Jewish, of course, she has no sense of irony.

At the end of last month, I wondered on Twitter whether others felt the same. “I had always felt Jewish, but British first,” said @Gilana25. “Now it’s Jewish first. Makes me a bit sad that it’s come to this, but being Jewish is so enriching.”

Others have become Zionist for the first time. Laura Marcus, a charity worker friend told me: “I am fiercely pro-Israel now. Wasn’t bothered before.”

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