Gorsuch, Kavanaugh shift the Supreme Court, but their differences are striking

But it is differences between the Georgetown Prep alums — in style and substance — that are drawing the most attention, both in the term just completed and in projections for their long future on the court. According to data compiled by Adam Feldman, who runs the website Empirical SCOTUS , Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have disagreed more than any pair of new justices chosen by the same president in decades.

Kavanaugh was about as likely to be in sync with his liberal seatmate Elena Kagan as his fellow conservative Gorsuch, Feldman’s research shows…

“They do not seem intent on playing the role of ‘wonder twins.’ ”

According to Feldman’s numbers, rookie Kavanaugh was in the majority more than any other justice, with Roberts in second place. Gorsuch was at the bottom, with the court’s liberals and the iconoclastic Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative who specializes in dissent.