Trump’s firing up the economy so ferociously he could win by a landslide in 2020

And that should put the fear of God into Democrats, who are still reeling from Trump being cleared of collusion.

While they continue to pathetically and pointlessly stamp their feet and scream blue murder at not getting what they want, like toddlers who’ve had their rattles taken away, Trump’s laughing all the way to the electoral bank.

Even worse, the Democrat party is being dragged ever further into the socialist electoral abyss by media-hogging young firebrands such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose economic polices like the Green New Deal would bankrupt America faster than Trump can tweet ‘SAD!’

You only have to look at the wreckage of Venezuela to see how Trump would exploit any whiff of the ‘socialist dream’ in a 2020 opponent.

If enough dumb, deluded Democrats decide to commit further political suicide by pushing for Trump to now be impeached, it would almost certainly backfire horrendously just as the Republican attempt to impeach Clinton over Monica Lewinsky made him massively more popular.

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