Five reasons Ann Coulter should primary Trump

If you believe that a wall on America’s southern border is important, then 2020 is your last shot to get it.There’s not going to be any wall built between now and then because it can’t be accomplished legislatively and the courts are highly unlikely to allow it via executive action. At best, an executive order could start the long, long process of eminent domain seizures, but the entire project would be zeroed-out the minute the next Democrat wins the White House.

If Trump loses in 2020 the wall is doomed, too. He’s poisoned the idea so completely that no Republican who comes after him will be able to mention it without becoming toxic.

To get a wall, you’ve got just one option: Win back the House and get Trump re-elected in such a manner that he has to swear on a stack of Bibles that the firstthing he’ll do in January 2021 is push through legislation for it.

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