O'Rourke’s strategy: Show Americans the real Beto

Seemingly mundane Instagram posts of mac n’ cheese dinners or nights out are becoming more and more common in politics — just as the political world seems to be crashing into the worlds of entertainment and celebrity.

“People want to see who you really are and what you’re actually thinking, doing, and eating. In the same way that people now expect this level of ‘access’ to the lives of movie starts and athletes they expect it from their politicians too,” said Eddie Vale, a Democratic strategist and partner at New Paradigm Strategy Group.

He credits O’Rourke, a rising star seem as a real threat by other Democrats to win the party’s nomination, for his social media acumen.

“Beto has taken this to a more intense and personal level than most others have, and it has worked for him, so I’m sure he will keep doing it,” he said.

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