I like Joe Biden. I urge him not to run.

He’s an admirable person. How I wish that mattered more in terms of the outcome of a presidential election than it obviously does. He pressed on with public service long after he could have cashed in. His devotion to his family is palpable; his strength through its tragedies, extraordinary. He’s informed, he’s affable and he’s real.

But is he the best bet? The difference between four and eight years of Trump could be everything; this is a time for ruthlessly unemotional calculation. Show me persuasive evidence that the president’s most fearsome adversary is an avocado and I’ll whip up the corresponding paraphernalia: Make America Guac Again.

And you know what? By the time 2020 rolls around, perhaps an avocado could beat Trump. We await Robert Mueller’s report while being reminded daily of how staggeringly thorough his inquiry has been. We could be on the cusp of a recession. Even amid strong economic indicators, voters issued a clear repudiation of Trump in the midterm elections, as the Democrats picked up at least 40 House seats.