Bush was not the greatest politician — and it's part of why we like him so much

You may recall that Bush was also knocked for looking at his watch during this debate. The implication was that he felt he was above the whole thing and wanted to be elsewhere. In fact, he felt that Clinton was being given more time than he was supposed to be allowed. Either way, the short segment above shows how Bush was outclassed, as almost any mere mortal would when matching up against Clinton’s innate political skills.

Bush certainly wasn’t charmless. If you bother to go beyond the stereotypes and watch a few of his campaign speeches, you see that he was actually quite capable of self-deprecating humor and warmth. But yes, he lacked the magic touch of Clinton, and that of Ronald Reagan, and perhaps even the common touch of his Texas-raised son, George W.

Poppy Bush was pretty thoroughly and unfairly abused for being out of touch in his day, but by now, his political missteps have grown on the country and become truly endearing. May he rest in peace, and may perpetual light shine upon him.